Why join this platform 

  • We have a global presence in Capital Raising and Fund Management
  • Grow a portfolio with investing through blockchain
  • You get to give input on the decision making on project investments

How does this work?

  • Waymaker connects quality businesses with credible investors (people)
  • As an investor (You), invest into a fund utilised to finance established small businesses
  • In return, Waymaker purchase shares in these companies which is held by Waymaker as securities
  • Waymaker issue your investment through the blockchain system which will be grown
  • The investor (YOU) earn attractive returns through quarterly or yearly instalments for a period of 5 years. 

Why Waymaker Blockchain Funding Platform?

We give individuals (Investors) direct access to their portion of successful small business. 
We create a diversified investment portfolio, reduce volatility in the market.
We create a market that will put wealth back into the hands of individuals.
We create investors through our platform.

Our Fee

We take 1% annual fee from the overall engagement for the year.
No management fees or transaction fees
Note: That the money is held in a blockchain ledger account with no monthly fee

How we manage the risk

Waymaker Funding Platform, invest into an established businesses.
These businesses who have passed our screening assessment process through the blockchain app, get funding from us. 

Our platform reduces the risk of and the return in 3 important ways:

  1. Screen Assessment with Advance Blockchain Ledger Technology
  2. Your minimum investment gets spread across many businesses, which helps you earn a stable return.
  3. Waymaker Funding Platform, handles everything for you, from collection and recoveries.