About Us

Company Overview

Waymaker seek to lead the way in Capital Raising through Blockchain. We build a platform for investors seeking to invest into going concerns & the most promising businesses that will yield a great return on investment.

Questions and Answers

Why do we have to pay a fee?

WayMaker Venture Capital

We always get this question asked. We list your idea or project on our blockchain platform. Your deal gets exposure to our network of investors. We create a Pitch Deck to present to an investor. You get investors contact details (Name, Surname, Email & Contact Number). We only take a fee if we find the project is scalable. The rest is outlined in our Terms and Conditions.

How long does it take to get feedback

With each application submission, it comes with it’s own merit. It takes normally 30 days when the investor find the project attractive. Some project might take 2 week even 21 days so each application comes with it’s own merit. But the waiting period for feedback from any investor takes about 30 days.

Do I get a refund on the fee?

The process is a none refundable platform. If you feel after 14 days you not getting what you paid for we will fully refund your money. If you give us motivational merit to why we should refund you, we will refund your money minus the cost we have occurred during the engagement.

Why Choose Us?

We pride ourself on the level of professionalism we bring to the table.

Time & Cost Savings and prioritising each deal application on our applications.

Guide and Assist with investors selection process. Optimising the Experience.